Pilot Responsibilities:

  • Stay safe, have fun, & use common sense
  • Start engines in a safe location/direction
  • Use a spotter & communicate with other pilots
  • No flying over people, pit area, parking area, etc.
  • No high energy maneuvers towards people, pit area, parking area, etc.
  • Listen to & cooperate with Flight Line Safety Volunteers. Their job is to keep everyone safe and they have full authority over their flight line(s)
  • When multiple flight lines are in use, please use the line that best matches your flying style for that particular flight. Common sense prevails and Volunteers may ask you to alter your flying style(s) and/or fly from a different area
  • Help us keep the grounds clean, safe, and fun for everyone

RV Procedures:

  • All RV’s must check in with the RV Park Host (Richard) upon arrival. If the Host is not in the park office when you arrive, his cell phone # will be posted and he will handle all RV related payments and/or questions. Out of respect for the Host, please try to arrive during reasonable hours
  • Special $10/night pricing during our events is availible on a “FIRST COME FIRST SERVED” basis only and you must be on site to get this price. No reservations will be accepted at this rate
  • Reservations can be made for the RV park up to 3-weeks ahead of time, HOWEVER all reservations will be charged full price (non-discounted rate) and must be paid in advance
  • Camping “on the hill” is just $10 for the entire weeknd and includes a quick stop in the RV park for water fill/tank dump. No reservations required or availible for this


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